Hair Care, all you need to know for healthy shiny hair

Croi Hair CareTo create a beautiful hairstyle, hair care is the most important step and most people fail to maintain the proper treatment and hygiene of their hair. In today’s trendy and busy environment we are constantly over processing our hair, with chemicals, straightening irons and powerful hair dryers, removing the natural oils from our hair. For healthy hair we need to brush, shampoo and condition our hair to achieve that ‘salon’ look we all crave for. To counter the damaging effects caused by hair styling always use a high quality shampoo and conditioner to strengthen and nourish your hair and maintain a proper nutritious diet.

To nourish naturally dry hair :

Dry by nature, hair suffers from the lack of sebum from the scalp. Deprived of the natural protection (the hydrolipidic mantel), the cuticle deteriorates with the external attacks and climatic excess. The intercellular cement becomes permeable. From evaporation, hair matter loses its moisture balance and becomes dry from within. Hair appears rough, dry, dull difficult to manage. The nutritive Interactives range rich in essential fatty acids and micronutrients, restores the lipidic barrier in order to avoid loss of moisture, to give softness and lustre to hair without weighing it down.

To repair damaged or over processed hair :

Damaged hair becomes coarse, porous, difficult to untangle, breakable… damaged hair is the most fragile. Whatever the causes of the damage, to nourish it is no longer enough, an in-depth restructuring treatment is needed. The products in the interactives hair conditioning range restore damaged hair’s fibre and superficial structures. Hair recovers the appearance, texture and softness of healthy hair.

To protect hair colour and fibre :

There is no beautiful colour without healthy beautiful hair. The healthier the hair, the better it retains colour pigments and the more protected it is, the better it will resist damage from external sources. Without specific care, hair colour inevitably fades away. Highlights become dull and may even change to unsightly tones or brassiness. The protective Interactive’s range prolongs the intensity, brilliance, depth of colour as well as hair’s beauty by continually revitalizing its fibre and giving it permanent protection.

To prevent hair loss :

Stress, fatigue, depression, seasonal variations, pregnancies, surgeries and excess sebum can all cause hair to fall out by weakening the metabolism and causing cells to degenerate. However, the main reason for hair loss is hormonal. Testosterone + the enzyme 5-Alpha-Reductase= a shortened hair-growth cycle. This androgen tic baldness can affect women in their fifties as much as men from adolescence.

The Interactive hair-loss preventive range corrects the five major dysfunctions responsible for stubborn or temporary hair loss, including hormone-related baldness.

To eliminate dandruff and itchy scalp :

Dandruff results from a visible, massive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. It is caused by an accelerated renewal of the epidermis. Instead of taking an average of 28 days, the process speeds up to about 14 days. Dandruff conditions often cause itchiness and discomfort. The anti dandruff interactives range slows down the cell-regeneration cycle, eliminates the dry or seborrheic dandruff conditions, as well as purifies the scalp, and calms itchiness.

To regulate excess sebum :

Seborrhoea results from an excessive production of sebum, generally due to hormonal imbalances. An excess of oil causes scalp irritation and problems because of its unaesthetic appearance. Even freshly washed, hair looks unkempt, flat, heavy and dull with an oily sheen. No hairstyling can overcome it. The Interactives sebum-regulating line rapidly normalizes the level of sebum secretion, and the secondary effects resulting from it.

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